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Coming to our showroom is the best way to see, feel, and drive the type of cars that you desire.  Our sales counter will always assist you in fulfilling your demand.  Test drive for every type of cars will be available after making appointment with one of our sales counter.

After sales, Honda priority is to serve the best in general services and repairs.  Therefore, ‘serving the best’ is our mission that we must achieve every day in order to meet customers satisfaction.  Through these years Honda has been improving significantly in the use of high technology and also in producing well trained mechanics.  High technology has helped us in detecting and fixing problems by using computerized system.  Our Service Advisor (SA) will always be at your service.  Minor repairs can be fixed by just calling us, and our mechanics will be on the way to your place with ‘Honda Service Car’.

Honda Sunter’s body paint is equipped with all the equipments and skilled workers to fix your car as new.  We are equiped by 2 (two) spray booth oven and Spies Hecker as our paint supplier.  Come to our workshop and we will assist you in filling your insurance claim form and scheduling when your car will be repaired.

Spare Parts
Honda Sunter provides all Honda genuine parts to general customers and part shops.  Any Honda parts you need that are in our stock will be ready on the day you order them.  Parts that are not in our stock will be available 3 (three) days after working days.  Please contact our Parts Manager, Ali Rachman for more information.

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11 November 2014
Honda Tampilkan Teknologi Terbaru Sport-Hybrid SH-AWD dan Honda Sensing Pada Generasi Terbaru All New Honda Legend
Tokyo, Jepang, 11 November 2014 – Untuk pertama kalinya Honda tampilkan teknologi terbaru “Sport Hybrid SH-AWD” dan “Honda Sensing” pada generasi terbaru All New Honda Legend yang diluncurkan pertama kali di Tokyo, Jepang, 11 November 2014. All New Honda Legend generasi kelima ini akan mulai dijual secara resmi di Jepang Selengkapnya ..
08 November 2014
HONDA BIG DAY - Showroom Event November 2014
Kunjungi Showroom Honda Sunter dan nikmati promo dari Honda yang diadakan pada tanggal 8 & 22 November 2014, hanya dengan DP 30 juta sudah bisa bawa pulang Honda Mobilio, tidak hanya itu saja, Honda Sunter juga memberikan paket leasing dengan dp dan cicilan yang menarik, Free Premium Membership untuk setiap Selengkapnya ..
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